How to find a trusted gift basket retailer online.

As a retailer in the gift basket industry for the past 28 plus years, I have spoken to thousands of customers.  One of the concerns shared with me repeatedly, regarding online shopping, is how to feel secure and trusting with a company they have never done business with before.  Let’s face it, you are giving your credit card information and expecting someone you don’t know to deliver an important item for you.  It can be a little scary right?  This article will share a few important factors in selecting the online gift basket company that you will choose to spend your hard earned dollars with.

To take the fear out of the process, I always tell my customers to look for the following at a minimum:

-Complete company contact information within easy reach.  This includes the company name, their mailing address, email address and a phone number.  (An 800# is an added bonus)  This is not something you want to search for after a problem occurs.  You want to ensure that you are able to get in touch with the store beforehand, if you have questions or concerns. You might even choose to call them to talk to a “real” person before placing your first order just to give you that added security.

-A money back guarantee- what is their policy if you don’t like it? It doesn’t arrive? The gift basket is damaged on arrival?  What if no one is there to receive the gift?  All of these policies should be laid out clearly and be easily found.

-Confirmed delivery- Along with giving you an estimated time of delivery, do they provide you with a tracking number for your gift?  This will allow you to track the shipment and confirm delivery.  This is of utmost important for time sensitive items, but you’ll want the peace of mind of knowing that your gift has arrived and who has signed for it, regardless of whether you need it delivered quickly or not.

Check Google My Business and Better Business Bureau, here you will find real, independent reviews that can be trusted.

Look through the site you have chosen carefully.  If the company that you have selected has done all of the above,  you can feel more confident that they are a legitimate source for gift baskets and will do as they promise.  If you would like more information, I would be happy to address your concerns.  Please visit:

Cherylann Stachow

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