Best Time to Order Christmas Gift Baskets For a Stress-Free Holiday

When oh when is the best time to order a Christmas gift basket?  You don’t want it to arrive too early.  You want to ensure the products are fresh.  So you wait until about two weeks before Christmas, visit your favourite website…….and they are practically SOLD OUT of EVERYTHING!

Today, I will offer you some timely insider tips on successfully ordering gift baskets at Christmas time, to make it a stress and hassle free event.

When to order?  As soon as your favorite gift basket company has their offerings online, place your orders.  Most websites have spots in their shopping cart where you can request a specific delivery date-we recommend you request no later than the 20th of December to allow for multiple attempts should the recipients not be home. Gift basket companies will build your order closer to your delivery date requests.  Remember, Christmas stock is ordered early, but received just in time to build Christmas designs.  Shelf stable items have a minimum shelf life of 6 months.  Other more fragile items like cakes and fresh baked cookies are baked to order so don’t worry about freshness.

If I wait closer to Christmas I will get things on special or they’ll be discounted, right?.-Do not wait for sales!  You will rarely, if ever see sales or discounts for individual orders from reputable gift basket companies.  Why?  Because they order just enough product to sell out based on past revenues.  This is a good thing.  Companies who know their market and order correctly are the ones you want to be doing business with. Their reordering cycle is frequent ensuring fresh product for your baskets and you won’t be receiving left over Christmas items in your Valentine’s Day gift baskets!

Remember most gift baskets contain food items.  Therefore it is imperative to use an experienced gift basket company to ensure your items are fresh, built to order and delivered on time.

Happy shopping from Boodles!

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