9 reasons to learn Spanish

9 reasons to learn Spanish

Do you want to learn a new foreign language, but don’t know which one to choose? Welcome to bright and sunny Spain with its incredible Spanish language. Today we’ll tell you why it’s worth learning the language of Miguel de Cervantes and Felix Lope de Vega.


1. Simple grammar and simple phonetics

Let’s start with the official aspects of any language – grammar and phonetics. Spanish has no problem with this. The grammar of the language is quite easy to learn and remember; unlike any other language, everything is built according to a certain pattern and has a minimum number of exceptions, and the gender of a noun is easily determined. Phonetics is based on rules that are easy to remember. There are quite a few rules for reading, and the accents stay the same – and even if not, they are always shown with a special graphic sign, which the student gets used to marking already from the second lesson. If you want to quickly learn to read a foreign language, all roads lead to Spanish.


 2. Spanish is a Romance language

This is very helpful when learning new vocabulary, because it contains many familiar words with Latin roots, which are easier to remember and build associative lines with the English language.


3. Common language

Spanish is the second language in the world after Chinese. It has 470 million speakers. Of course, there are many different dialects in Spanish, but they differ only in the pronunciation of words (most often all dialects are phonetic). If in southern Spain sounds and endings are softened, then in the north everything will be pronounced accurately and clearly.


4. Literature

Spanish is also worth learning because of its rich literary heritage. Who would not want to read the famous “Don Quixote” by Cervantes in the original, understand all the charm of the author’s language and experience the color and jokes of the work in a new way.


5. Punctuation

Spanish is worth loving because of its special punctuation: inverted exclamation marks and question marks. They are placed at the beginning of the sentence – isn’t this a purely Spanish style? It seems that such bright and sensual people as the Spaniards really like expressing emotions through punctuation marks.


6. Study of another Romanesque group

Having learned Spanish, you can easily study any other Romance language – like Italian, which is in no way inferior to Spanish in its beauty. By the way, for Italian there is a certain method of learning it “through Spanish”. Bonus: if you learn one Romance language, you get a second one for free.


7. Culture

When learning a language, we always immerse ourselves in culture. Spain is a country of sunshine and happy people; it is always pleasant to be part of such a society, especially when you understand what they are saying to you and can answer it yourself. Chatting with locals, listening to Spanish music and simply enjoying the beauty of Spanish speech is what learning Spanish gives you.

8. Films and TV series

Lately, Spanish films and TV series are increasingly appearing on screens, which are much more exciting to watch in the original – you understand the temperament of the character, his manner of speech and communication: not a single subtitle, not a single voice-over can convey the speed and liveliness of the Spanish language. Start with the most popular series, La casa de papel (The Money Heist), and you will realize that the Russian version will never capture the same as the original.


There are many more reasons to learn Spanish, this article presents just a few of them.

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