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Get Your Readers’ Attention Without Promotion

There are no sure-fire strategies to article writing; every author uses different techniques. Even with these differing techniques, authors typically have the same goal. They strive to use their full writing potential to get their content published and make their presence known. Their hard work provides them with original articles that put them in the best position to succeed!

We know you’re anxious to get your content out there. You’d love it if all of your readers visited your website, read up on your new product or promotional offer, and bought every item they came across. However, the real world is not that straightforward and requires a lot of patience. There is an effective way to promote yourself and your products, and there is a lazy, impatient, and ineffective way.

We’re here to help you understand the difference between quality content and excessive promotion in your articles. Here are some useful tips on how to write quality articles that highlight your area of expertise… without actually promoting anything.

Focus on Quality Content

There are several things that authors should never do:
• Plagiarize other people’s content
• Spin articles
• Use PLR articles
• Promote themselves too soon in the Article Body
• Add content to their article just to meet the minimum word count

An Expert Author will have no problem creating original content, day in and day out. The mistake some make is bringing up their website or product too soon. The Article Body should contain your best content about the article’s topic, but most importantly it should be free of promotion. Provide relevant content that relates to both your readers and your niche. Your articles should never be low quality or fail to deliver any informative content. Ensure your content is helpful to your readers and truly stands out! If you need some guidance in this area, here are our Top 10 Ways for Authors to Stand Out in Their Niche.

Hype Your Niche

There’s a fine line between great content and promotional hype in your articles. Articles that review a product in a fair and unbiased way can provide a ton of value for your readers. Your content should discuss all angles of your niche in a positive and exciting way. Think about the following 3 questions when creating your articles:

1. How did you get started in your niche?
2. What keeps you motivated and enthusiastic about your area of expertise?
3. Why should your readers be reading your articles, and not someone else’s?

You’re the expert, so it should be easy to promote your niche without using your company name. Promotional hype for a product inside your article is one of the fastest ways to lose credibility in your field. The hype should be focused on your niche. Why is your field so important and relevant in today’s world? The body of your articles should include excitement about the field you’re working in, not what you’re selling.

Restrain Yourself from Promotion

Accidentally promoting yourself can be fairly easy. For example, you could start your article with your name and how you got started in your field. You could also share chapters of your book or details on a product you worked on. This is where you’d be getting ahead of yourself. You need to put yourself in your readers’ shoes. If you’re looking over a fascinating article or product review, you wouldn’t want to be pitched a product in the first few paragraphs. You want to take your time and read it in its entirety, THEN make a decision whether to make a purchase or not. We encourage you to hold off on any promotion until the Resource Box. If your articles are your give then your Resource Box is your take. It’s your opportunity to truly pitch what you’re offering. Here are some real-life examples of how non-promotional content can benefit your audience.

Write a Passionate Article

Writing articles should give you enjoyment. Choose a niche you’re passionate about. It should be one where you have relevant personal and professional insights and experiences to share with your readers. If you’re only writing in a niche to expand your field and have only a little experience on the subject, your readers will catch on. They want expert material, not a few boring tips that you came across from another author. Be proud of the categories you know well and show how passionate you are about them by providing high-quality and memorable content.

Use Your Resource Box Intelligently

The Resource Box at the end of your article is where you can freely discuss yourself, your company, and/or your website. An excellent Resource Box provides just enough information to help your readers discover who you are, yet it encourages them to find out more about you and your expertise. You need to end your article with an impressive message that tells your audience you know what you’re doing and have had long-term success. Back up your article content with information about you and your business. You can also list a couple of links to your website. Click here for more information on how to create the best Resource Box.

Your primary purpose in creating articles is to give your readers original content they will remember. Include tips, suggestions, case studies, strategies, and opinions about your article’s topic to make it stand out. Make sure you are adding tremendous value for your readers every time!

Feel free to share any questions or comments you have on making the content in your article the highest priority. In what ways can/do you highlight your niche without being promotional?

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